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Well hello fellow bloggers, or if you are not a blogger but my reader, welcome! I know I will need some time to figure some of this out as it is pretty new to me. My main reason for doing this is that I can keep up with my activities of healthy eating and working out and to stay motivated through it all.

I was married on June 28, 2014, to my husband Brian. I have a dog named Ginger who is brindle colored and live in the great horse state of Kentucky! 🙂

I have had difficulty since middle school being an early “bloomer” and then having curves way before other girls that I went to school with. I also ate a good amount of food which wasn’t always necessarily healthy for my body. I love the foods I like and will need to explore some new options of foods because I have never really liked to try new foods since I have a “texture” issue. I would love any advice people would like to give me as well. I want to be happier in my skin. I had bought Insanity to try it then when I started it I never really got to finish it because I was in a pretty bad car accident where my husband’s car was totaled. The girl driving the other car pulled out from a stop sign onto the main highway that we were on, and if my husband had not braked when he did, it probably would have been way worse. She would have T-Boned on my side exclusively. But thankfully it was just the right front fender she hit badly. I knocked myself out from hitting the window, glad that it did not shatter, or I would have a really bad scar on my right side of my face.

However, after the accident it was hard for me to work or go to my college classes as I could barely walk. It had caused the sciatica to act up really bad, and I had whiplash and some problems in between my shoulder blades. This is was caused me to not be able to finish my program of Insanity and I was pretty bummed but worse of all I kept eating the same without any exercise and kept gaining more weight that I would want to shed as well on top of it.

One day I was up all night on my day off after I was doing better from going to the chiropractor and all. It had been several months already. But I was on the computer roaming through things and just really being bored. Then, I found the workout program that was only for 21 days! Just 21 Days. I know most people have heard of it now, but 21 Day Fix was just available only for pre-order. I decided I needed to order it.

Then came the box, followed by the many excuses not to workout or stay with it after the first week. This is horrible I know. I have a bad commitment with food and exercise. If I had stuck with it every time I had an excuse I am pretty sure I would be ripped like Autumn the creator or 21 Day Fix. She is amazing! It really is easy to follow but I am starting anew and going to actually COMPLETE my first round of 21 DAY FIX. Edit: I did end up completing the round but I didn’t try it another round…I should have though! I really want this year (2018) to be my year for my weight loss and health goals! I’m gunna stick it to ’em!

I also had wanted to lose weight before I got married to my husband, but that never happened because I started stress eating. It was miserable. I love him and glad that we did not wait any longer but looking at my pictures, I wish that I had lost the weight before because I feel like I look so horrible in them. I feel like I picked the wrong dress, even though I loved it. I don’t know why I never have really seen myself as a beautiful woman, but I want to change my way of thinking and change my body for the better and healthier version. I am glad that I have support from my husband and he does not try to force me to lose weight or anything because he loves me the way I am and I am grateful for that. Thanks babe!

EDIT: I am reclaiming myself back this year and have finally made the mental commitment to stick to a healthy lifestyle and to lose this weight for good! I can’t wait to be so much happier and feel better! I have made some goals that I know is going to be a long ride to where I need to be, but I want this so bad and finally think I have my mind in the right place!


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